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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 23, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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hundred sixty france24 correspondents around the world. you're watching live from paris on france24 headlines this hour. the united states says rushes to blame feel knowing use of chemical weapons in syria section state rex tillerson made comments at summit here in paris. boring and alleged chlorine gas attack new damascus. he continues to attack dispositions inside syria with hundreds of civilians reportedly forced to flee. arrests and russia according for strength. india's prime minister depends globalization during the opening of the world economic forum in davos. it is losing its luster story coming up in this.
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what we can is now in the united states with the attorney general has been interviewed as part of a probe into alleged links between? president donald trump election campaign of twenty sixteen and russia decisions is the highest ranking member of the trump administration too being questions in the interview took place last week. . will just last year sessions were queues h himself frorom the russssian investigatition ar he failed to disclose. several meetings with the russian ambassador at with more that we can go to washington our correspondent fitted crowther's day. and it but this is the first time a member of trump's actual cabinets has been into pizza by robert made u.
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how significant is that? i was already the worth meeting about the bush this is an investigation by rolling mill that is getting closer and closer. to the us president himself. we know. that's many of the members of his inner circle have already been interviewed or even have clean agreements. with the special counsel and with jeff sessions the attorney general having been question last week will you can pretty much say t that investstigators a are closi. closining in on thehe presit if indeeeed theyy do want to questioning him there is measured speculation here in washington that that could happen very soon another thing that social from this is that this is an investigation. that is speeding up things of clearly as we did up over the last few weeks with more members of trump's in a circle being interviewed out of because as you said the attorney general had recused himself from any investigations to do with russia now he's being questioned. by one of those investigations itself the teddy general was a key member of donald trump's campaign scene and most
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importantly probably we don't know the contents of this interview with the special counsel's team but we know. that it's the attorney general was one of the key players when donald trump decided to fire the then fbi director james comey chances are that a very large pots all of these interviews that jeff sessions as had o or just te one interview. were about that the facts in russia mit have had on the presidential election first of all i would pretty much know they had a pretty large effect according to the intelligence agencies. here in the united states senate investigation is supposed to find out that most importantly maybe whether there was collusion between the donald trump campaign. ads the russians russian
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intelligence agencies or their agents that is but. it makes into this the firing of the fbi director james comey it's very much part of the investigation why because he was fired while he was headd of that actual investigation into whether there was collusion or not. that is why the special counsel robert muller is now looking into that possibility all of obstructioion of justice and that is again where the attorney general comes in because he wawalls the atattorney general. at the time of the firing the attorney general as the top rule enforcement official in the united states sense he hadd recused himself from ay investigations. but is now being investigated overall as being interviews himself as part of that investigation it's a pretty complex one this one but it
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does sound like it is getting that little bit closer. to some concrete conclusions it thank you very much fitted crowther that in washington. well frozen the united states of a stepping up the pressure on syria of the use of chemical weapons following another suspected gas attack from his imposing sanctions on twenty five people and companies with links to the regime's chemical weapons program. the united states claims the regime used chlorine gas to kill civilians in rebel anti native mass is just yesterday. and speaking at the summit here in paris today said the state rex tillerson said russiaia must be able. to write it is ally the shock sides not to massive rules. this toddler is struggling to breathe. this iss due in rebel held damascus province at the sight of another a parent's chemical attack. washington is blaming the s syrian rege and russia. only yesterday. word for the civilians both of them children were victims of a parent chlorine
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gas attack. the reason the taxes grew the racers concerns of a sharma five syrian regime id continuing issues. with him or what was it is its own the whole. whoever conducted the attacks. so all the repairs responsibility for the victims in these gruta. and callous other syrian parted with chemical weapons. russia is a key ally all assets government on has regularly blocked u. n. vetoes demanding action against his regime. now the united states is looking for alternative approaches. in p paris tennyson and his french counterpart announced a new organization that will identify and punish anyone found to have used chemical weapons. the whole missiles result. all information about the architects of chemical attacks will be made available. traders face the consequences of their actions. the owner told us so. we planted contributed case filed against the
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perpetrators of such attack. viewed for prosecution of youtube post duriring the meeting for on also announced that it will sanction twenty four people and companiess l links to syria's chemical weapons program. and is running moon is a former british army came on to and and advises ngos in syria and then he told me that the world must do more to stop the chemical weapons attacks in syria. the use of weapons etcetera sense of the mind of the security of the loss of certainly is in our extensive. today on using chemical weapons the same hole right online dissipate. she needs three telecasts uses of chlorine in it you see suggested all seven days. as well as the ones that so. so says he doesn't mention. those of other tax day. so the scenery while he's
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away a as a barrier taxes. builds on areas like you said sexy and cities. taxi. smalls. disease not from music files the solo. series season talking fractious it is very welcoming articles russians. after some. sites already jeez this is something he's in the search for weapons. and scenario was supposed to go readable is have a weapons under dale and an agreement brokered by russia and the united states is on back in in twenty thirteen and at and as you said happ. that many chemical weapons attacks since then is russia a full set. well i think to study schoolols than say zulu asin action committee seems he gave. of violence us. he falls over the also fall. the scene where the syrian
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regime hell us on this and weapons. until say somethihi and w weapons e east the coloring every. house is actually ready available toxic industrial chemicals that in most cases is just as effective. as using our weapons. saying psychological terror on factions. it's actually places like user it falls is on offer on a show starring. roless includedd seven on an ad. arguing so exactly man say the russians he's excited optional celtic's. operation was put on this is off to the owners of the. u. n. security council to take action on this well said on
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the decision. we will. well saying the region said he continues to attack kurdish positions inside the north of syria amid reports that hundreds of civilians and had to flee the fightin. ankara city leadeders are c. said to full season pokey bit. a good is offensive worries us on while we understand the concerns taking currently has offices border security we can only call on sticky to show the greatest possible restraints on this issue help what you know people who use is usually. turkish forces are targeting kurdish white bg fight is because they are affiliated with the pkk agree on her abilities to be a terrorist organization. but the white bg dominates the us five
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syrian democratic forces. have played a crucial part in helping the us and international commission which includes s fronts in e uk t to fight islamic s stae group in syria. the cuts have already c cld in washington to support them in the face of the turkish attack bbc east west tacky s also pledged to drive out kurdish fighters. what small the syrian democratic forces have also said they considering sending reinforcements to africa? which could potentially further raised tensions between washington and ankara. the as vice president mike pence has wrapped up a trip to israel with a visit to the western wall in jerusalem the holiest site in judaism. and a speech to the israeli parliament connected yesterday pens
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page to move the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end of next year. that was worry welcome to israelis was greeted with dismay by palestinians you see he's in jerusalem as the capital of any future state. palestinians cool it general strike today in protest at pence's visit and they have refused to meet with him. is not gonna is injuries and with more on that is it. he was as he said at the beginning of his speech yesterday. at in the capital jerusalem the capital of the say these are out that's how he sees it he madee a speech that was if you look back over this is it. you see that speech is the highlight people have been referred referring to it as a sign is seven from preacher pants. so that was very much he was
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speaking you had the feeling as a friend of israel not necessarily as a media asia and it wasn't accidents away for the palestinians. did not meet him in a low point in relations between the us and the palestinians between washington and ramallah as significantly at the same time. as my case it's. washd say to him washington has to be positive any negotiations so if you're looking at how these visit panned out. you have to say that for this round and the relations between jerusalem and washington a stronger and the relations between europe and the palestinians palestinians didn't get what i wanted to europe in the same way. and it was just very briefly and the israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu. this now he was trying to build on that relationship now he's already left for the world economic forum devil's. that's right. maybe american presidents thing can discuss a lot about jerusalem the other things that we sort this meeting is it. washington interests are on the same page about iran and that's what it mike penn state he promised that america would not allow iran's becomome nw to go yoyou. and that's what it the israeli prime minister will be talking about in doubles your reporting that for his position about the iran deal fix it only exists as he puts itt and that'ss what hs going to be campaigning on. when he makes hopes to me donald trump the davos and other american officials as well of course. isn't that opposing at at now european union has removed eight countries for a tax haven blacklists off the government stretch to do
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more to crack down on the problem. that decision came under fire from groups like oxfam who say the ease commitment to tackle tax avoidance after the panel paid is a has moved it down. had not the united arab emirates cheesy and will go to among those countries now off the watchlist. since the panama paid his is the country perhaps best associated with tax evasion. is a tax haven no more at least according to the u.. focus if you saw it is important to take into account the reactions of countries which were placed on the black list. shows that you pressure is effective as it pushes countries to provide information on that sock schemes. bustle finalized o. hannah is one of eight countries now on a great lists having told the eve but not the public the specific plans to reform that tax laws. the minuses in panama it's step in the right direction. is a huge thing because that automatically information. state. recovery and it will facilitate information i'm on the countries that are
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interested in fighting corruption isn't many international campaigners though say. done enough to be delisted. but the eu insists. will be back on the black list if it fails to follow through on its promises. here in hans amount of almost nonstop heavy rain has left some thirty departments on high alert for flooding some towns villages in the east of the country already flooded and here in paris that ascend. has already best is banks are so close has more. those laws sways a firm's professor flooding the river seine has burst its banks forcing roads along its he claims that affecting public transport for many reasons. on she's a water levels rose at least three point three nieces above the norm an expert say that they will continue to rise as well as the closing of six commuter rail stations in the area purses beloved boxer mouche on owl so i selection. as the waters rise some prisoners in second said for
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that property rights maybe antennal twenty centimeters in a nice. the sentences today. is going to stop rising so casting out of it. in this suburb south of paris the extent of the flooding is playing sissy. one meter one meter of wate. and on the other side there's about one meter thirty one meter fifty. knots on the customs to flooding here some residents could not hide the frustration. water we were flooded in two thousand and sixteen the repair work still not finished we received all our insurance want so we going to do that. authorities are also warning a flood risks alolong sevevl red is in eastern front street to the heavy rain of recent weeks. but as his business he's right now too i see that is what i was is yet i let. out of the world economic forum schools it is the indian prime minister who opened the event this year that's a last year was using paying
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and this year it's durantula moldy. and he staunchly defended globalization during his opening address issues day debian prime minister did however war the globalization was losing its luster. his speech sends in stark contrast to wants it to be delivered by donald trump later this week. movie called for joint action on climate change as well as greater economic cooperation eat and prime ministers was also seen as a swipe at policies. donald trump kevin yet reports. in his keynote address number and remotely outline the challenges facing the world. climate change and new technology to rising anti globalism. warned against retreating into protectionist policies. global many societies and countries are becoming more and more focused on themselves. it feels like the opposite of globalization is happening. yes but i'm negative impact of this kind of mindset and
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wrong priorities. cannot be considered less dangerous than any change or terroris. it's been two decades since in indian prime minister attended devil's a movie was keen to highlight the strides india has made. since he took office in two thousand and fourteen at the country's gdp has grown about seven percent per year but inequality remains a problem. movie also said his government is committed to helping combat climate change. peace drew a large crowd but garnered and makes me action from attendees. we. imf chief christine lagarde pointed out what she felt was a glaring omission in movies address. gender inequality hot button topic wp apps organizers had can be a first ever all women cast of co shares. but
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women still only make up one in five attendees at devil'. the uk's competition and markets authority have ruled out the murdoch family would have to o much influence ovr the british media. they serve it allows twenty first century fox to pick up the pan european bloc because despite the sixty billion dollars. the regulator has however left open possible remedies including inspspiration sign use on te murdoch family's influence regulations in the u united states and europope need to clear the proposedd merger. the british government will now have to decide if it wants to act on the provisional finding and block the deal. job cuts are on the because can't fool the french retailer announced its axing twenty four hundred jobs and shutting around two hundred seventy stores here in france. who says it wants to increase its investment in economist it be to take out i was on and while the french finance minister praise the economist plan he said the government would be
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vigilant? regarding job cuts illnesses or reports. french retail giant call full wants to become a global leader in seas called us announcing an investment of two point eight beatingng your is it five years in digital technology. says it's not left behind the online shopping market. the strategy able hold outs cheesy will result in two thousand four hundred job cuts from the company's french headquarters. as well as the closure of a two hundred and fifty convenient souls able from spanish retail idea in twenty fourteen. the company said the cuts would come from fallen tree to politicians should progress. diesel business dissent on this plan concerns hundreds of employees. the state will be very vigilant t to support each employee affected by the changes announced by californians. who the restructuring designed to boost growth comes under a new chief executive alison
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global empire he joined the company in june for metre animatronics retailers and knock? that unions favorite to mean even more consequences for the company's one hundred and fifty thousand employees in france. call for is talking five being your is in annual nine feet sales by twenty twenty two. to do this it will launch a single economist platform in front later this year. the company's profit sayfullo into said since its peak in two thousand and seven as online the state cd company will be rebranded or rhino or i don't has had financial troubles following a spate of bad investment decisions. and troubles with his new generation. nuclear reactor the company also plans on reducing realistic costs by moving out of its headquarters in. paris.
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the market sex in here in europe stocks ended the session makes to games of the folksy and attacks in fact at the close. attack on here in paris it was a down by ten of one percent over the united states at this hour all the main in this is our trading positive territory the dow jones masally in. below the fax line at this hour the nasdaq up around seven tenths of one percent. next consumer goods giant kimberly clark plans on cutting between five thousand fifty five hundred jobs the maker of brands like huggies and kleenex tissues. has not indicated whether job cuts would be taking place kimberly clark says it will close were sellingg ten m. manufacturig plants and exit businesses which don't generate enough cash. annual sales of the company have declined from twenty thirteen to twenty sixteen and it's looking to save one and a half a billion dollars in the next three years. someone's.
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now imagine going to a grocery store but there's no cash here and no check outline it may sound like you're stealing witcher actually not it's the future of shopping according to amazon. the economist john has opened the amazon goal concept store in seattle. shoppers simply scanned their abbas on go ask and pasta return style. there then charge you an item is taken off the shelf but credited wants its place and back on. when consumers are done shopping they simply walk out the door. . and. there. why did? so clearly as shoppers thing that they. the some have left the surrounding the
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actually stolen equipment haven't sold have actually. charged yes i am i mean you must study on the eye can see that at but is also would you see these kind of one on one interactions with people business. is like taking when you take for certain airlines and you fly and you put your your bag. and you had and. the baggage tag without ever interacting with anyon. without speaking to anyone but i was also has a some cases week of for example family's annual with multiple people shop. we have already taken. but the thing is. the how this works is your proximity to when you take a good office shelf is recently a smartphone is so you need to have your smartphone with you to be charge
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